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Who's Daniel Carranza?

Foto perfil 3.jpg ve.jpg

I love telling stories.

I'm a major series fan and I love "The Big Bang Theory" and " The Walking Dead". I spend my free time playing videogames such as "GTA V" and "Fortnite". I got my degree in Audiovisual and Media Production in 2010 and since then I've been working in television.

I know how to edit, direct, and host. My projects as an editor hit million people around the world everyday, even making it to the International Emmy Awards. Besides being a Brazilian, I'm also Italian and I will do anything for a Carbonara.


I'm fluent in Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. I also know my way around Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Interplay, and Avid Unity ISIS.

Tight deadlines won't spook me. Click on the link below to download my resume.


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